Welcome to our Blog!

Hello there!

We’re The Mavericks and we welcome you to our blog!

We’ve created this blog because we want to explore and bring unique insights into all things related to social media. We also want to create a platform that facilities open discussion and enables the sharing of ideas and provokes thought. Over the following weeks, we’ll explore the concept and use of social media within both organisational and societal contexts. We’ll also step outside the realm of social media usage and look into other aspects, including social media analytics. We demonstrate this flow of broad themes below. That is, each week’s article will be grouped under one of these themes and the overall structure of our blog is outlined below:

Theme 1: Social media for organisations – the what, why and where

Theme 2: Social media within society – the influence and ethical issues

Theme 3: Analytics and social media – going beyond the use of social media

Theme 4: Social media in a global context

We also provide pop-up articles relating to social media analytics between the articles within these themes.

In addition to this, we also collate some interesting and insightful videos as another learning tool, just for you!

Bringing you these weekly articles is The Mavericks team, consisting of Michelle, Amy and Veronica. While we fear the labelling of being THAT uncle who explains the punchline of every joke each time you visit that dreaded annual family gathering, we decided to name ourselves ‘The Mavericks’ as it represents ‘independent-minded individuals’ and this is who we are. We aim to make a unique mark on the existing body of knowledge of social media. Plus, it’s also handy that the first letter of our names correspond to the spelling of our team name (‘MAVericks’ – get it? Ok, we know – we are being THAT uncle).

Keep a look out for our articles and we hope you enjoy our blog!

Yours truly,
The Mavericks



One thought on “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Explain, uncle MAV… Why do I see a nice whale meme on the thumbnail of this entry, but no whale on this page??
    I like the idea keep it up uncle MAV


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